Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO

This weekend I got to shoot a quick little set for fun (a rarity these days) and I wanted to share the photos I captured. They turned out well and I definitely found a great new spot to shoot part of my upcoming TRD feature. This truck was fully clear bra'd (the whole body, not just the front end) to protect from rocks, dirt, branches, etc. and it's virtually unnoticeable unless you're really looking for it. Definitely a cool investment and another great job from Autotuned.

Young and Mel came with me to shoot, and boy did I ever forget how cold it gets as soon as the sun goes down. We quickly wrapped up after playing with Young's new camera and watching everyone vacate the area around us as it got darker. Stay tuned for more Toyota fun soon!

Click the images below to view in a Hi-Res Lightbox.