Mark's Miata

Pretty much since I met Mark and saw his Miata for the first time, I wanted to shoot it. There was something about the mismatched colors and aggressive stance (a stance ready for corners, not car shows) that really drew me in. Don't even get me started on the fact that his stripped and caged interior with one racing seat is right up my alley and probably how I'd do a Miata if I fit in the NA model.

After putting off the shoot a few times (maybe a wing, maybe wrapping the car, different schedules) we finally met to shoot when we ran up against the deadline: a part out to fuel the purchase and build of a 240sx. 

I completely understand this may not be everyone's jam, with the 6 colors and whatnot, but listening to Mark blast up the hill made me want nothing more than to install some blast pipes and overfenders on my meager Honda Fit.

Fun fact: as I told Mark to get in his car to turn around (we were shooting in a No Parking area the whole time) LBPD pulled up to tell another guy-who had thankfully just parked behind the Miata-to move his car. We hopped in our respective cars and headed to a second spot not too far away. 

The details and decals.

Our next spot was a bit more legal, but that didn't stop some weird guy from walking by and asking me "Is that a muhyadda?! That don't soun' stock." We were worried about light since it was getting to be so nice and soft gold up on top of the hill, but the second spot lent itself well to shooting back into the sun and into the harbor. I really enjoyed the whole shoot and just hanging out with Mark and Morgan and talking past, present, and future cars. As always, shooting in the fading light meant great results, but little time to shoot.

Alas, the photos had come to an end just like Mark's time with his rad racecar. He's currently parting out and looking into other automotive options. I'm sure you'll see those in photos here soon, so stay on the lookout!