James's Honda Civic EF Hatch

It's back! After going under the knife for a bit in preparation for the Purist track day at Buttonwillow, I was able to finally get my schedule to calm down and line up with James's also-busy schedule. The first time we tried to get together, we were going to shoot before I headed to work. This lead to the idea of an early morning shoot instead of golden hour evening per usual. Unfortunately, we had to cancel, but we stuck with the early morning idea when we got back together this weekend.

My weather forecast for the day had me slightly worried of some inland rain storms, and when  driving up to our meeting location, my doubts weren't eased. The cloud banks were rolling in heavy and grey, starting to pass the the "softbox-esque overcast" and reaching for "not sure if we should be out here" storm clouds. Thankfully the clouds cooperated. Once we started driving from location the location, they softened up and turned into more of a huge rolling fog bank, swallowing up sound and wind while diffusing light and churning mist everywhere.

If I had not taken these pictures and James had a RHD Civic, I could have sworn we were shooting in the rural foothills of Japan. The dense fog, still wet surroundings from the previous rain, tons of lush greenery, and a narrow ribbon of road winding up and down the spine of the mountain came together perfectly. 

Check out some of the shots we got below!

Click the thumbnails below to view the images in a Hi-Res Lightbox.