Autotuned x Ken Gushi in DTLA

This shoot has been a long time coming for sure. Since Young got his Yuzu Yellow RS 1.0 dropped on RS-R suspension and Volk Racing ZE40s pretty much straight off the lot, we've been meaning to do a shoot with him, his brother Meng, and Ken Gushi's Greddy'd out 10 Series.

(Click the images below to view in a Hi-Res Lightbox)


After getting our hectic schedules to align, between jobs, girlfriends, and Ken driving in FD we got to shoot the trio in Downtown LA. Of course we had to shoot at the tracks like every cool kid does at least once, but there were two other spots I'm glad I scoped out before hand. The second location under the bridge had me climbing on top of neighboring shipping containers, avoiding used needles and beer bottles, and tearing shirts off of razor wire, but it was al worth it in the end. 

There was almost too much to cover between the three and I'll have to schedule shoots for the three individually soon. Ken's 10 Series on TE37s with Greddy details, turbo kit, and Voltex wing was great and matched perfectly with Meng's wrapped and supercharged setup complete with a Voltex wing and TE37s as well. In the middle is Young's Yuzu yellow TRD setup, with power add-ons and wheels (maybe possibly) coming soon.

I had a great time as always when I hang out with these dudes. Between my camera and everyone's professional Instagramming, I think we nailed it.