Autotuned 1 Year Anniversary

The guys of Autotuned have made it through a full year of car builds, modifications, bolt-ons, wraps, races, drifting, and more.

Although I wish I had gotten some more shots of the homemade and handmade food I ate way too much of, the drift tournament we had on PS4 in GRID, the fun we had riding a hoverboard for the first time in the alley out back (shout out to Wiz Khalifa), or the amount of family and friends that showed up, I didn't capture too much because I've learned that hanging out with friends is much better without a camera in front of your face.

That being said, I did get to play with my new 85mm lens some before everyone showed up, so enjoy a couple shots I got pre-party. 

Again, congratulations to a few of the best guys I know and here's to many more years of automotive excellence.