Truefitcrew - Zuriel's Bagged Honda Fit

For the past couple years my buddy Andy (Andy Carter Photography) has come out to California for JCCS, the Japanese Classic Car Show. After shooting the show (much cooler temperatures than last year, thank God), we hit lunch and met up with Zuriel at the Hoonigan Doughnut Shop. We poked around the shop a bit, bought some rad merch, and went out to scout a location to shoot Zuriel's bagged Fit. We ended up in the docks of Long Beach near the Port of LA, taking shelter from the midday sun.

I haven't shot a car with another photographer since I shot with Kento and the Skylines in Long Beach, so getting to walk around the car shooting while avoiding showing up in the Andy's photos was just like old times. The quality of this build is awesome, and even more incredible once you talk to Zuriel about how things were done, how well things were done, and how tight of a budget he adhered to. Overall this is one of the coolest Fits I've seen in person and I'm incredibly happy to have gotten the first rolling shots of my career with this build. 

Make sure to check out Andy's version of the shoot in film! Without further adieu, here's my version of the photos.

Click on the images below to view in a Hi-Res Lightbox.