James's EF - Version 2

James, the biggest troll and dankest memer, has made his triumphant comeback. From a tired SOHC engine and an engine fire to multiple electric gremlins and getting towed home, the journey has been a long one. So long SOHC, here comes the D(OHC). 

This little package has come a long way from my feature on Southrnfresh and the effort has really shown through all the track dirt and brake dust. 

Here's a quick list of what's changed since last time:

  • Paint matched engine bay and interior

  • CRX Door panels (Trololol)

  • B16a with ITR bits

  • S4C hydro trans with ITR LSD and 4.9 final drive

  • Innovative traction bar

  • Full sized Skunk2 radiator

  • Skunk2 header

  • Project kics lug nuts

  • M Factory shifter/ weighted knob/ hardened shifter bushings

  • Custom radiator mounts on traction bar

  • Custom hood utilizing Battle craft side vents and J Blood AE86 replica drop vent

  • Fortune auto 500 coilovers

But seriously, James is a great guy that has put a ton of effort not only into building this EF, but into driving it well. I'll definitely be updating you all on some upcoming track days with the new drive train soon so stay tuned!

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