Scuderia Southwest | April 2017 | RS200

I'll be real honest, living in California spoiled me car-wise. Although I managed to somehow never make it out to a Cars & Coffee - in Aliso Viejo or otherwise - I've seen more childhood dream cars than I could've ever wished for. After seeing another one of my all-time favorites in Atlanta a couple weekends ago (Audi Quattro draped in black) Scottsdale decided it wasn't to be outdone.

Away from the main group of cars by a good 10 spots and tucked in near a Red Robin tent, this RS200 wasn't exactly the center of attention with a sea of Italian prancing horses and raging bulls flooding the parking lot. That being said, as I looked over the car (which I was convinced was a kit car for the longest) I saw multiple dads bringing their kids over to explain what they were looking at.

Although I'm a huge fan of sharp cars with boxy bodywork and shoulder lines like knives, this RS200 has always been neat in my book. The storm-trooper white/black color scheme with red Recaros and original 80's interior was perfect, even if the car was originally thrown together from the Ford parts bin. The Toyo R888s, Hella fogs, and fully visible Cosworth powerplant under the plexi rear hatch was so much to take in but I tried my best. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the owner to ask about possibly shooting a feature, but if you for some reason know who I can talk to, let me know! In the meantime, enjoy the shots I grabbed and stay tuned for a few more shots from the April Scuderia Southwest meeting soon.

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