Long Beach Grand Prix 2017 Super Gallery

The Long Beach Grand Prix has always been one event I wanted to shoot some time during my career. Thankfully this year I was afforded the opportunity and boy, it was really all I'd imagined. Getting down close enough to feel the exhaust notes in my chest and see the drivers in the cockpit of each car was enough to make my day. Not to mention the proximity afforded by the media pockets, though seeing the cars grip around turns 9, 10, and 11 was a little odd at first after being so used to Formula Drift Long Beach.

For better or worse I shoot better when the pressure is on and boy, the pressure was at an all time high. After getting my media credentials 30 minutes before the media meeting, driving down to the media meeting and finding parking 5 blocks away just in time to jog all my gear to the media room, I was tired and it hadn't even turned 8 AM yet! Toss in an accidental circumnavigation of the entire course looking for all the shooting angles I've seen the big guys use (again, my first time) and it was an interesting morning all told.

Fortunately the pictures turned out better than terrible and thanks to the footwork I put in this year, I get to fool around with all the great spots next year. Check this year's shots below and I hope to see everyone again next year!