The Quad-Turbo "Tetanus" | June 10, 2017 | Autocon NY

There's never a good time for tragedy to strike, you can only hope to overcome when it does. When the shop went up in flames at, there were no lives lost, but there were plenty of material losses. 13 years of tools, parts, and 7 cars were incinerated, as well as the shop itself.

From the ashes arose Tetanus, a truck built from leftover tools and parts to commemorate the ending of an era and the will to fight on to a new one. The twin compound boost setup has 4 turbos feeding a powerplant that has little more to tug than a frame, passengers, and meaty tires on all four corners. To say I want a ride in this thing is a severe understatement. 

The full story can be read in the first photo, but make sure you take the time to click through the gallery and enjoy the details and clever rat rod aspects of the build. The saw blade sunshade is a personal favorite, though the whole build (including a wooden bed that filled with messages of encouragement and love from Autocon attendees) is absolutely A++.

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