Hillbank Grand Opening - Tempe, AZ

Social media has made the automotive community so much more accessible than nearly any time previously. Of course there's always the downsides of harsh criticisms, cliques, and scammy resellers, but for now we'll focus on the positive. For example, while scrolling through Facebook I saw an event celebrating the grand opening of Hillbank's new location here in Tempe, Arizona. Without knowing anyone employed there or that owns any related cars, I was able to take some time on a sunny Saturday to walk through a great little crop of cars, snap some photos, and drool (and sweat) enough to leave me dehydrated.

After my first visit and getting to see not only the cars on display outside but the loaded garage inside, I really look forward to more events in the future where I can spend time really knuckling down on some new show spotlights. If you're interested, I did manage to nab some alone time with a couple Ford GTs during the awards ceremony so click here to check those out. The rest of my images from my quick visit are below, enjoy!

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