HubDay 2.0 Meetup | July 2018

There's meetups, and then there's meetups in weather most people wouldn't even go outside in. This meetup was the latter. With high temps touching the 110°F mark, I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised at just how many people turned out for the Hub Day meetup. 

In Frame:
Rebecca - @rhnmodel
Parker - @parker.adkinson
Courtney - @courtneypaigelaning
Sara - @saradollface

Click the images below to view in a Hi-Res lightbox.

Beginning at Desoto Central Market, about 25 or so photographers and around 5 models took off into the oven that is Phoenix's summer. Shade was quickly found, providing both diffused light and slight respite from the heat.

I've been trying out some of this early-pulled film inspired editing with almost inverted shadows and blacks and nice smooth whites and highlights. With Rebecca's complexion against the dark background and outfit, it worked perfectly. That being said, the colors of the building weren't bad at all!

The second location provided this awesome shadow-mottled sidewalk and a very quick leaf-centric close-up.

Unfortunately I only got a couple seconds with Parker, but he worked this doorway and I snagged a couple of my favorite shots on the day before heading back out of the shade and on to meet up with Courtney.

With Courtney, we tried two quick spots. The first was this rock wall and column we were quickly removed from by the apartment building security. The contrast between her complexion and the wall was perfect for the black and white to come back out. Of course a couple needed to go full color because her tattoos need appreciation.

The second spot took a solid commit on Courtney's part, hopping right up into the tree after a quick wardrobe change into the bright red pants and losing the leopard print.

Finally, right before lunch I got to take some photos with Sara again. Her outfit allowed for a nice and airy feel, the tassles adding movement while the shawl lightened up the frame against the greenery.

After this we headed off for the sweet siren song of shade and pork baos at one of Desoto's small food vendors (10/10) and some networking and hangs before splitting off for home. All in all, another awesome day of shooting, thanks for looking!