Phil's Bagged Widebody FRS from SEMA

You won't find a huge write-up here just yet, the real shoot is still coming up. I drove as fast as I (somewhat) legally could to Irwindale after work but still couldn't beat the fast-sinking winter sun and only got about 15 minutes of light before retreating from the biting wind to Autotuned. 

Phil's newly bagged SEMA setup features the quality work of Autotuned and is yet another example of the effort and attention to detail everyone there pours into every car that rolls in the door. Even if I didn't know them personally, I would still be impressed with this little shop that could. 

Like I said, the full-blown coverage is coming up so keep an eye out, but until then enjoy some shots!

Click the images below to view in a Hi-Res Lightbox.