Shooting with Autocon: Rocket Bunny GTR

This shoot has been a long time in publishing because, let's face it, life gets in the way sometimes. With SEMA coming up, changing jobs, and big life events for all involved with Autocon, Project-Definition, and myself, this set took a slight backburner. That being said, we turned the back burner on high once again and have some dang coverage of this (in)famous GTR. 

Driving behind this crazy wide GTR through the streets of LA, listening to the exhaust rumble and roar along the bridges and down alleys, and get time with such a neat machine really made for a great afternoon. 

As always, the guys of Autocon and Project-Definition were a blast to hang out with and talk with about life and cars as we shot, and I think the photos show the results of that afternoon, free of nerves and stress.

Check out the shots and video below, and the websites of the other fine guys involved right here:



Owner: AngelCityGTR

There comes a time when you see a car and can't help but stop to admire such an amazing machine. The GT-R is that type of car and what Steve has done to her, places the build on another level. From the Rocket Bunny wide body setup to the air lifted suspension, this car sure is a neck breaker. I'm glad to have the honor of seeing the car in person, let alone have a video shoot!