Japanese Classic Car Show at the Queen Mary

There's not much to say about JCCS except "wow."

Being my first year going, I wasn't prepared for just how many classic JDM cars and builds I could actually look over and enjoy in one day. Everything from little (actually tiny) Hondas, Toyota 4x4 pickups and landcruisers, six figure classic coupes, Datsuns for days, bosozoku builds, and old Japanese motorcycles just reached as far as you could see down the park. 

With every pass up and down an aisle of cars we'd find more cars, details, decals, wheels, and more tucked away waiting to be found. That being said, you can check out Andy's shots (a ton of cool stuff I missed, for sure) here.

Check out some of my shots below!

Click the images below to view in a Hi-Res Lightbox.