Autotuned Scion iM

If you're reading this within an hour of posting, you may still have time to ride up to Longo Toyota for the Scion iA and iM release show. For everyone else, I managed to get together with the veritable Scion powerhouse known as Autotuned to shoot with them and their Scion iM. 

I'll be honest, I wasn't completely sold on the iM when I saw it online at stock height. Upon going to the Scion Auto Influencer event and seeing it firmly planted a few inches lower with ADVAN wheels and a bike rack, my interest was piqued. Then, a couple months later, the Tea brothers got their hands on a real deal production model and gave it their personal touch. A set of RS-R coilovers and Gram Lights 57 Valkyries later... and I've got heart eyes again. 

The car has something going for it visually at nearly every angle, and every one of these angles looks better when the car is nearer the ground. The ride is actually incredibly smooth and the interior is spacious (which is saying something since I'm nearly 6' 5" and 245 lbs). 

I'm excited to see what the car show community comes up with for this new platform, after seeing how thoroughly they built out the xB, tC, and FRS. Hopefully this tastefully modded starting point will give them a good idea.

Click the images below to view in a Hi-Res Lightbox.