Thanh's Vlene RS1 FRS from Autotuned

I'll keep the words short, because I know you're all just here for the photos. Thanh's new RS1, the first complete (and completed) Vlene widebody in North America, is a testament to how hard Young and everyone at Autotuned works - even with a tight deadline and three other cars they worked on for SEMA, absolutely everything but the paint on this RS1 was done in the Autotuned garage. 

Looking at the car, even up close, you see the attention to detail paid to every component. All the gaps align, all the panels are rock solid, all the LEDs work and the inlet honeycomb grating is secure. As a bonus, even with Rotiform wheels deep enough to make an iPhone 6S+ look small and an air system to bring the car down to the ground when parked, the car can still get up and go thanks to the Sprintex Supercharger tucked under the hood. 

I've been shooting with Autotuned through Phil's Rocketbunny FRS, Justin's Rocketbunny tC, and now Thanh's Vlene FRS RS1, and the work is only getting better (even through SEMA crunch time). If you do get to SEMA, stop by the Sprintex booth to understand how wide and awesome this car really is. For everyone else, enjoy the photos!

Click the photos below to view in a Hi-Res Lightbox.