Justin's Chameleon FRS

It's safe to say that Autotuned has had a hand in building (or completely built) so many different FRS and BRZ that I bet money you'd find at least one car with their name on it that you enjoy. Bagged, coils, widebodies, wings, wraps, turbos, superchargers, you name it and they've probably done it. That being said, I've tried to shoot each one they've completed. This is all why I enjoy Justin's car so much. At first glance it looks like a lowered FRS, but then you move and see the wrap take on different shades and hues like a heat map running across the body panels. The only constants on the car are the bronze ZE40s (wrapped in Nitto's new 555 G2's), the lights in front and rear, and the carbon fiber everywhere.

The hood, brake ducts, front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, side spats, swan neck wing, steering wheel, interior vents, and shift boot accents are all real deal carbon from Taman Designs, APR, Rexspeed, Seibon, Kuhl Racing, and Cusco. These real (genuine and expensive) parts all icing on this car. The real performance-oriented cake is hidden, unless you go looking.

To cover all that (because there's a ton) I'll have to add a parts list to the bottom of this because I've already gushed enough. Justin and Autotuned have done a great job both in procuring parts and installing them and I'm glad I got some time to shoot this setup before I left town (and before it changes again). That being said, I look forward to making it back to shoot more of my friends' cars soon!

Body: Taman Designs carbon brake ducts, front lip and side skirts, APR carbon rear diffuser, OEM underbody diffuser, Rexspeed carbon side spats, Seibon carbon OEM hood, Seibon wide carbon fenders, Kuhl Racing carbon swan neck wing, TRD window visors, BeatSonic roof spoiler and shark fin

Interior: Cusco/Bride Digo racing seats and rails, Cusco carbon steering wheel, carbon vent and shift boot accents, TRD push button start

Suspension: RS-R Black*I coilovers, RS-R rear LCA, Cusco power brace and front strut bar, Cusco rear brace, Cusco rear trailing arms

Brakes: StopTech slotted rotors, pads and lines

Wheels/Tires: 18x10 ZE40s on Nitto 555 G2 with Rays lug nuts

Performance: Jackson Racing super charger, GReddy intake scoop, Cusco oil catch can, Cusco grounding kit, Exedy stage 2 clutch and lightened flywheel, Kartboy short shifter, MTEC shift springs and clutch line, carbon fiber driveshaft, GReddy diff cover