Street Neo Classics 2016

Sometimes I get behind... way behind. This is one of those times. Moving while job hunting and still trying to shooting cars will do that. These photos have sat on my hard drive for a couple months, fully edited and everything, while this post has sat on my website for about just as long. All that aside, I loved these cars too much to let the photos idle any longer. 

Walking through both the parking-parking lot and show-parking lot ticked off an entire list of dream vehicles from perfect Acura NSXs and a great little Honda Beat to a well-used LandCruiser and rugged as heck Lexus lx450 stuffed with Pocky and mounted on TE37s (!!!), I was drooling so much I'm surprised I wasn't dehydrated. The cherry on top was the Chaser/Cressida pairing I spotted while leaving, reminding me of the All Japan 1JZ Meeting I loved so much. 

Like they say, better late than never, so check out the photos below!

Click the images below to view in a High-Res Lightbox.