Gold Wheels On The Gold Line - Meng's Silvia

Anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot in my heart for S13 coupes. I had a brief-yet-passionate love affair with an SR20 swapped Silvia as my first "bought and paid for completely on my own" car, which ended in rod knock and selling it for way less than I should have.

Luckily, Meng's 240 story is coming along much more happily. I'm stoked I could get together with him the last time I drove out to California to capture some stills before the Tea Vision transforms the car piece by piece. Hopefully I'll get to follow this build as extensively as his FRS, throughout whatever changes are in store.

For now we can drool over this little two tone beauty in the corner spot of the lot.

Click the images below to view in a High-Res lightbox.