SHIFT Performance in Tempe

After moving to Arizona, there was a noticeable decrease in random car spotting instances in my commute. This isn't to say Arizona doesn't have interesting cars roaming along the highways, but nearly anyone who has spent any amount of time in California can attest to the absolute saturation of modified and exotic vehicles stuck in traffic up and down the coast. You can now imagine my surprise when I was passed by a Liberty Walk Lamborghini (at the time a bright yellow) with Arizona plates (so it wasn't just passing through town) on my way home from work a couple months ago.

After looking up the vanity plate online in hopes of spotting an Instagram post or feature that had already been shot on the car, I happened upon the owner's Instagram profile and sent a message offering to meet up for some photos. Fast forward to this past weekend and, after I shot all morning at Battle Royal, I met up with Leo to shoot his Huracan... and he brought friends!

I met Jacob (Astral Photo) and Aaron (Policky Media) in Tempe when Leo showed up with friend one in the Mansory Siracusa 4XX Ferrari. A few minutes later, engine notes reverberated off the courtyard walls as a McLaren, Liberty Walk Mustang, and Liberty Walk GTR rolled into view. We promptly had to find a new location with the new arrivals, and after getting split up by a couple red lights we arrived at this not-to-be-outed parking deck. 

We didn't have a whole lot of time, so rather than shooting a very small amount of photos on the tripod, I blasted the ISO and shot wide open. The D800 performed admirably with a nice and tight grain pattern while not losing too much details in the highlights or shadows, so I'm happy. Enjoy the photos, and expect more (individual) feature shoots soon!