Spooky 866

After a day of breakfast burritos, riding in a rad Detroit diesel manual transmission school bus from the parking deck to the park around Queen Mary for JCCS, and a day full of talking with the other Average guys while swimming in an ocean of JDM gems, we had one more thing to check off the day's list.

I teamed up with Andy Carter like the good ol' days and shot this 86 on the famous knoll all while my wife kept our car moving through the parking lot so we didn't have to pay another parking fee to the good folks at the Queen Mary.

As always on my website, I'm not going to put you through a full article about every part and backstory on the car, but suffice it to say the overall look, fit, and finish of this build are all jams. The legit Impul wheels, black-on-gunmetal scheme with blue-to-teal accents and ITBs, all A's in my book. Check out the photos below!

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