After much editing, failed uploads, and even more paring down to the final 169(!), I've finally got my big Desert Meihan post put together. This event brought out 50 drivers from California, Nevada, Texas, Washington, Florida, and all over Arizona - selling out all their driver spots within 2 days of registration opening. Throughout the event, over 1,500 spectators came out to watch and I'll be damned if the event wasn't just as electric as any FD event I've shot.

Watching the drivers consistently put their tails on the wall each pass (and sometime in, on, and around the wall as evidenced in the slideshow below) was something I've only witnessed in videos from the actual Meihan Sportsland. The coats of rubber and glass shards I tried to wash off in the sink of the local Cracker Barrel were more than enough evidence of the incredible proximity afforded to the media along the rails.

Talk was floating around about making this an annual (possibly 2-day) event like an Arizonan winter All Star Bash with different recreated Japanese drift courses, and I fully support this plan! I had an absolute blast while getting these shots, so here's to more rad drifting next year!

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