Dominic's Chasing J's 240Z

I don't generally do this, posting the same photos in multiple places, but this shoot was too quality to pass up posting on my own website as well. For the whole build breakdown click here to check out the full Autocon Feature.

A while back, Autocon got in touch with me to help shoot Dominic's Z. Of course the answer was yes, but the scheduling was going to be interesting. Thanks to an event on the Sunday following the shoot day (Saturday) and Thanksgiving traffic plugging up the roadways Friday (I usually drive out to California directly following work Friday afternoon for weekend shoots), the only option was to drive out early Saturday morning, shoot all afternoon, and drive home that night. That's about 10-12 hours of driving with 3-4 hours of shooting in the middle, but man, was it worth it.

Everything Dom works on is top rate, and this Z is no different. Every panel and part has been either restored, customized, upgraded, or done away with and all his choices turned out to work perfectly in concert with one another. The interior is pretty bare bones with a half cage and custom carbon fiber everywhere, while the exterior is a great OEM+ look with even more carbon fiber (with the signature red filament woven in) and perfect meaty fitment thanks to the wide Work Equip 40s and Toyo R888R's.

Watching this car be built via social media leading up to SEMA was great, but seeing it in person has solidified it's place among some of my all time favorite builds. Check out the photos below, and check out Dom's Hakotora build from last year here!