Arizona Cosplay Shootout 2018

Back in early October a couple local photographers and myself had the idea to host a cosplayer photographer meetup - a couple models and photographers in a park, nothing too much. Thanks to the promo photos, videos, and graphics John and Alexa (jfivemedia and lxviews on Instagram) crafted, we got another co-host (Don of Pausedforlife) and a booming list of attendees both in front of and behind cameras!

With it being winter, daylight was at a premium. To maximize the ease of attendance we aimed for 4 PM (already nearing golden hour) and jumped right into shooting when most everyone had arrived (closer to 4:30). Thankfully everyone was prepared to shoot into the impending darkness, with lights and good moods all around even as it grew increasingly cold.

I’ve personally wanted to shoot some cosplay for the longest time, and this gave me the opportunity to do just that without battling crowds at a convention or awkwardly messaging cosplayers on Instagram. Here’s hoping this allows for more of this work in the future, I absolutely love hearing about the effort that went into all the setups and highlighting the craftsmanship.


@Brandonmagat as Hanzo as Tohru
@steampunkvintage as Ashe
@yas.cici as Todoroki
@katyathegreat as Bowsette
@neoncosplay as Mercy
@saradollface as Sailor Moon
@44ac44 as Android 18
@the.crafty.jester as Eraserhead
@hellomissannecreatives as Present Mic
@venomsnout as Smol Might
@kellzbroadway as Harley Quinn
@ryanljenkins as Betty Boop
@squeakyninja1 as Effie Trinkett
@goldenstatuette as Villain Deku
@heyalexismarie as Akatsuki Itatchi
@gacktstream as Noctis
@xhel_xhel.cosplay as Purple Guy (FNAF)
@mikechhay as Goku Black
@luyudoll as a Porcelain Doll

The group at about 4:15 or so

The group at about 4:15 or so