Cozy Sunday ft. Rebecca Nguyen

While waiting around for a shoot during my last visit to Georgia, I stopped in at TJ Maxx (because TJ and Ross are my financial kryptonite) and happened across a treasure trove of pop culture hoodies that had just been stocked on the racks. For better or worse, none of them were my size but I figured I should post them on Instagram to see if anyone would want me to buy one for them.

Just seconds before I left the store, Rebecca jumped at the opportunity and picked up the rad Atari and Playstation hoodies in the photos below. Combine those with some cozy Sunday vibes (coffee, cereal, manga, and some PlayStation), and we had a shoot on our hands. I absolutely love how the idea translated from thought to shot and couldn’t have done it without Rebecca.

Give her a follow and enjoy the photos below!

In Frame:
Rebecca - @rhnmodel