Cosplay Spotlight: Katya as Percival Graves

I first met Katya at the Cosplay Shootout, where she was freezing to death as Bowsette, and knew we had to shoot again when we had a little more time, space, and temperature. Fast-forward almost exactly a month and we found ourselves in Downtown Phoenix, this time with Katya taking on the likeness of a female Percival Graves.

Back when I was scouting locations to hopefully feel somewhat like classic New York City - as is the backdrop of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - I scoured Google Maps and street view but never really found just what I was looking for… until I arrived at our meeting spot. A block away from my parking spot was this metal and stone landmark of a building, which felt about as 1926 New York as Phoenix could ever feel. Due to some scheduling issues, we ended up only having about 15 minutes or so before I absolutely had to leave for another event that evening, but boy did we kill those 15 minutes!

Check out the results below, give Katya a follow on Instagram, and keep an eye out because I doubt this is the last time we’ll be teaming up for some cosplay content!