TRD x STI & A Couple KM4SH Smashed In

Another shoot, another time I've forgotten to hit publish! Life has been crazy busy lately (which is actually great) but man, the personal site has taken a dent or two. A while back I took a trip out to shoot with my friends at Autotuned and life found us racing sunlight once again.

The trip over from Irwindale to Downtown LA took a little longer than expected, but this garage-front was great with the lowering light and window reflections across the street. The bright Yuzu Yellow and rich World Rally Blue of Young and Derek's FRS and BRZ really stood out against the surroundings and each other.

The final shot of this first set was the one and only shot I grabbed at ROW DTLA before security quickly escorted us out of the deserted parking deck. I heard the security golf cart puttering up the ramps behind us after we finally parked on the 7th story, but I'd still say it was worth it.

After a solid dinner in Little Tokyo (and tons of free tempura for my meal taking so long) we headed out in the dark for a little light painting with Deon and Justin's KM4SH kitted FRS. As much as I love how these turned out, expect another set with these two in a couple of other spots we've already planned out.

I absolutely love the same-same-but-different vibe between the two: Dion opting for the higher wing standoffs, gunmetal ZE40s, and a more Teal-hued wrap while Justin went with the lower-mount wing, bronze ZE40s, and a more royal blue wrap. Of course there are more differences, but these will help you keep them straight while viewing the gallery. Not to be missed is Justin's additional diffuser and one-of-a-kind exhaust off Ken Gushi's personal FRS. That center-exit look is so aggressive!

The owners of these cars, and everyone else who came along whose cars I didn't take photos of, are great people and I honestly can't wait to shoot with them all again. I've easily shot more than 25 FRS if you count the various stages of the Autotuned crew and I'm still not sick of them. For a single platform, there are so many small options to make each an exact representation of the owner and that's really what it's all about.

Maybe I'll get one of my own one day... maybe.