B L A C K O U T - Dakota's Bagged Ford Mustang GT

I spotted Dakota’s Mustang at the Future Classic Car Show in Scottsdale this January (link to the big gallery here!) and immediately loved just how mean it looked. While I completely understand the overfender fatigue folks feel nowadays, this car just really did it right. The monochrome colorway with carbon fiber hood and supercharged powerplant are all how I’d probably do it if I owned this year Mustang, so I may be a little biased, but oh well.

I drove out to Queen Creek and scouted a little neighborhood up in the hillside we had about a 75% chance of getting chased out of (spoiler, we actually had no issues) and got to shooting in some of the most pleasant weather Arizona has to offer. It was nice to shoot and chat without a deadline or knowing I’d have to write up an article on the car when I got home.

Check out the gallery below to see what we captured that afternoon, shoot Dakota a follow on IG , and I hope you enjoy!