Aeternum Ash Looks

It’s odd to type it out, but I’ve always been a fan of lookbooks. Ever since I first started getting CCS catalogs (and later seasonal offerings from Fox Racing, Icon Motorsports, and other not-quite-fashion-companies) I’ve loved window shopping the clothes and gear as part of a curated outfit rather than cut out and pasted on a sterile white background. As I started following more and more brands on Instagram and shooting more portraits, I was offered the huge opportunity to shoot some clothing with Aeternum Ash.

Justin (owner/designer of AA) and I met in the car scene a while ago and when I saw that he was going all in on a clothing line, I was stoked for him. When it turned out that his designs were great and the clothing quality was on-par/exceeding other major brands, I was double stoked. When he messaged me to collab on some shoots with his clothing, I was triple… you get the idea. Since then I’ve shot 4 sessions with 6 pieces and have had an absolute blast with everyone involved. As Justin already had product and design photos, I was free to riff a little and have some fun with the shoots. I’m grateful for Justin allowing me some latitude on the settings and outfits involved, and I’m excited to finally put the results out all together rather than bit by bit on Instagram posts.

Make sure to check out the Aeternum Ash store here and feel free to give everyone involved a follow on Instagram. I’ll be back with more photos when more clothing releases, so keep an eye out! Enjoy. (P.S. if you need clothing, product, portrait, headshot, or any other kind of photos taken, shoot me a message!)

In Frame: