Chris K's M&M Honda C-West DC5 Integra

Way back in November of 2017 I attended the Battle Royale car show in Tempe, AZ and came across a white DC5 Integra with a full M&M Honda livery, Gram Lights, and a narrow body. I immediately fell in love, took a bunch of photos, and posted them on here and Instagram trying to find the owner to line up a full shoot.

There are way more photos from the show and of this car at the link above, but here’s 3 to give you an idea.

Due to our busy schedules we had trouble linking up, and then the accident occurred. Pretty major damage to the hood, front bumper, driver side front quarter panel, and headlight made for the perfect opportunity to go all in on a refresh… or go widebody.

The kit chosen for the rebuild is a full C-West setup - shipped to, installed, and painted by Elevens Paint and Fiber before it even became available to the general public. The signed Voltex wing is another specialty item, the only other one for this application currently residing in Japan.

With a K20 under the hood, a fully stripped and caged interior with only one Recaro seat, and tons of other parts, this car is just as much for time attack as collecting car show trophies. (Don’t worry, I’m planning on getting some on-track photos of this thing soon.) Honestly it’s only gotten better since I first saw it back in 2017 and I’m excited to see what else Chris comes up with in the future. Until then, enjoy the photos!

Click the photos below to view in a Hi-Res lightbox.