Derek's M2 Competition

A little while ago I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend Derek and shooting his M2 along the coast of California. The weather was great, the beaches were pretty much empty (a bit too early for the spring and summer inundation of beach-goers), and the strand of houses along Huntington Beach provided a neat backdrop for the shoot ahead. While I’ve admittedly never really looked too hard into BMWs beyond the occasional casual E30 and E36 Craigslist specials, Derek’s slow-but-sure approach to collecting and installing a multitude of M Performance parts has me feeling some kinda way about his new M2. If the amount of hard-nearing-impossible to find parts all over his BRZ are any hint, this is one build to keep an eye on.

If you’re the kind of person to want a spec sheet, progress photos, and all the forum goodness beyond just photos, you can scroll through the build thread here at Bimmerpost (where we were featured on the homepage, so that’s neat) and enjoy the whole gallery below!