Scott's Karmann Ghia

A little while back my great friends Andy and Aimee came out to visit family and friends in California. Along the way, we stopped by Huntington Beach for some beach hangs, shabu shabu, and boardwalk exploration. As we were walking back from the beach we spotted a neat patina'd car make the turn off PCH and park in front of a store Aimee ran into to shop. 

As Andy and I were looking over the car and snagging shots (me on Instagram and him with, ya know, an actual camera) Scott speed walked over from Baskin-Robbins where he had seen us start looking over his car. 

A photographer himself, Scott found this car returning to the Earth under an overgrowing bush at his great-grandmother's house. The patina and oxidized finish is all natural, occurring over time while the car was parked and open to the elements. 

Mechanically the car is as reliable as any older car, with a new 1600cc motor in place of the original 1200cc unit and a fully reupholstered interior.

It was great to get to shoot a car with a couple other photographers again, as shooting with Andy and my friends in Macon, GA is what really got me to stick with and improve my photography. 

You can find Scott on IG at @64onthefloor and Andy at @andycarterphotography.