ALL STAR BASH 2015 - #ASB2015

There's not much to say about ASB except "Neat." The open format of a drift jam session has really got my interest after being involved with Formula D for two years and watching it pretty much since it first aired on G4 back in the day. I'm not saying the highly organized tournament bracket of FD doesn't have it's place (it has no doubt introduced thousands of people to drifting for better or worse, regardless of your love or hate for V8 swaps and sheet metal on cage chassis) but this banging-doors-with-friends kind of event has me in love. I'll definitely be getting media next year to get out in the middle of Horse Thief and trying my hardest to get out to the next Final Bout, but we'll see. 

Until then, enjoy some shots from my last minute trip to ASB 2015.