The 2JZ Hi Ace

One of my favorite parts of Tokyo Auto Salon had to be the vans. There were enough that taking photos and learning about them all easily could've eaten up an entire show day. Everything from rock crawling to VIP to zokusha to racing was represented in the cargo haulers from all different manufacturers.

While I somehow completely missed what was lurking underneath the floorpans of the black Hi Ace below (Spoiler: a VR38DETT out of an R35 GTR), I luckily had enough time to dig into the silver Hi Ace packing a 2JZ!

The interior was finished with one Bride seat and diamond plate, while the exterior was finished in a silver metallic with TSD aero formed over the wide 19" wheels. Brembo brakes, an LSD, and HI-RIST exhaust top off the performance goodies, while the 2J takes the spotlight - hiding in plain sight where the passenger seat should have been. And before you ask, I saw the sliding doors work perfectly fine, even with the overfender setup.

Check out the photos below, and rest assured that I'll cover tons more vans if I make it to TAS 2019!

Click the images below to view in a Hi-Res Lightbox.