Joseph's 1JZ S13

Joseph's 240 is the start of this year's "Try to stop driving to California every weekend" strategy, and boy was it worth sticking around town for. Back in November, I took some photos of the cars from Elevens at the Battle Royale show and knew I needed to get these cars back in front of the camera without the car show backdrop. 

After a couple delays and reschedules due to to our work schedules, we met up on a great little freshly paved road - right in the middle of the road - and actually shot with no interruptions even with traffic passing on either side. Nice folks and neighbors that appreciate the car rather than tell us to move it can make life 100% more enjoyable.

As of now the car is looking forward to a couple more exterior bits and a respray, so check out the photos below and stay tuned for an update in the near-ish future!

Click the images below to view in a Hi-Res Lightbox.