L-Tide Zokusha Toyota Cresta

While I wasn't expecting Tokyo Auto Salon to be flooded with zokusha builds, I was somewhat surprised there was only one (that I spotted, at least). That being said, I wasn't disappoint in the slightest when I happened across L-Tide's display on Day 2.

Walking around the Cresta, the splitter and exhausts obviously jump out at you. The sheer size and stability of both pieces are astounding in person. Mind you, the Hino Design decal is likely a 9" x 3" box design which appears tiny on the front right corner of the chin. Above the splitter, the perfect finish blending the hood into the sharknose was essentially OEM quality, showing no signs of the body work required to give that aggressive pointed look.

The interior was just as spotless, with a pure white and saturate red hue contrasting one another throughout the cabin. The lack of window tint allowed the booth light to pour in and bounce around, really highlighting the color along the dash and door cards. The club decals along the rear windows were also a great, authentic touch.

Besides the crazy crowds surrounding this display all weekend, the car was actually pretty difficult to photograph based purelyon size alone. Trying not to cut off a corner of the wing, chin, exhaust, or molded overfenders proved a worthy challenge while shooting with a prime lens!

Per usual, enjoy the photos below and stay tuned for more from Tokyo Auto Salon 2018!

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