Studio Allica 911

Before I get to any of my other "personal" posts from Tokyo Auto Salon, I wanted to post up what very well may be my favorite car there this year. Of course there was the Miura from Liberty Walk, and the zokusha Toyota Cresta with pipes nearing 6 feet tall, but something about this car in it's raw state really resonated with me.

Back in the early part of 2017, David Ishikawa featured this 911 on DrivingLine and getting to see it in person (like so many of the seen-online-now-in-person experiences of Tokyo Auto Salon) was an absolute joy. The carbon fiber enveloping the interior and exterior was just as ridiculous as I'd expected, while the 18x13s rears and Yuki Tech titanium exhaust were just icing on the carbon fiber cake.

The crowds around the car we strong, swelling as the scissor doors and carbon fiber hood was opened, but thankfully I was able to sneak in for a couple photos and was given an air freshener as a rad bonus!

I'd love to take this 2016 winner of TAS's "Best Import" out for a proper shoot, but maybe next trip! Stay tuned for more from TAS 2018!.

Owner on Instagram: @omomuki911

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